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Terms and Conditions

  • Preferred Cottage: We will make all reasonable attempts to book our guests’ preferred cottage, however;
  • Cottages will be allocated based on First come First served Basis
  • Deposit: Half the value of the accommodation fee is payable within 48 hours of the booking being made. If no proof of payment is received, 6 on Sixth reserves the right to assume that the booking is not confirmed.
  • Booking Confirmation: Booking will be confirmed within one working day of receipt of your request
  • Cancellations: No refunds are payable cancellations 4 days or less prior to the booking date, this means that the full value of the booking fee is payable. Cancellations 5 days before booking date, 6 on Sixth reserves the right to retain the entire deposit.
  • Early Departures: No refunds are payable by 6 on Sixth for early departures.
  • Variation: Upon acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, either verbally, in writing or a deposit being made, no variation may be allowed without both parties agreeing to the changes.